Meditrina by Sokol Blosser

So, this is an interesting red blend (Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Zin) from an Oregon winery known mostly for their Pinots. A friend (and novice oenophile) recommended this one and I was intrigued by the blend. Couldn’t find the percentages, but for $18 you cannot go wrong with this one.

The color is a beautiful garnet and real nice legs for 13.5%. The nose is definitely Pinot with floral and red berry essences. Raspberry comes thru on the palate as well as the spice and tannin from the Syrah and Zin. I got some heat and some anise/licorice on the finish.

As for pairings, we had roasted chicken with cheesy pasta and it was real nice. This would go great with a nice burger off the backyard grill. Bottom line, I would definitely get this again.

4 thoughts on “Meditrina by Sokol Blosser

  1. So we didn’t grill our own burgers, but had one of those fast food ones with the onion rings and BBQ sauce from “you know who”. Not shabby at all!

  2. Found in wine in a little restaurant called Arugula (Go figure!) in West Hartford, CT. It is a charmer- light and zesty. Hope to find a CT distributor to get a case from.


  3. I just opened one of my 4 bottles of this wine to enjoy with an Omaha Steaks top sirloin off the grill. Let me say that this wine is absolutely perfect with steak! In fact, I actually finished the bottle. Feeling the effects, but not regretting it one bit! Still highly recommend this one for the price (

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