Joseph Phelps

There was a nice turn-out for the Joseph Phelps tasting. These were some of their less expensive wines in the tens and teens, and a couple in the thirty-dollar range. In general I wasn’t really impressed, but my tastes have gravitated a bit higher as of late.

First off was the…
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1998 Charles Krug Reserve Napa Valley Sangiovese

1998 Charles Krug Reserve Napa Valley Sangiovese $21

A nice photo here.

Okay, so I was eating a Trader Joe’s pizza, and I had just polished off the last half of a glass of the Magnificat. What to drink next, I asked myself. I was thinking about Cabernet Sauvignon, whilst looking through the cooler. There was nothing but Zinfandel everywhere, in every nook and cranny, except there were a couple of white wines on the top shelf, and a couple of expensive reds on the bottom shelf, except for on top of the bottles stacked on the bottom shelf, I noticed a couple of bottles of the Charles Krug Sangiovese. I said to them “what are you doing down there?” I knew the answer, since I put them there when the middle shelves got a little too crowded.

Now let me admit that I didn’t take any notes while drinking this one, but I will state flat out that this is a very good pizza wine. I think it would go very good with a wide variety of foods. Roasted chicken, barbequed pork loin, spaghetti and meat balls, and perhaps even Mexican food.

If you have any of the 1998 vintage, it’s ready to drink now.