2004 Kaesler Avignon

So I haven’t had a GSM in a while. This one is 50% Grenache, 30% Shiraz and 20% Mourvedre.

It is quite interesting as it has the typical earthy/musty finish of a French Rhone blend, but it also has that HUGE fruit-spice bomb of a Barossa Valley Shiraz.

First off, it is very dark purple – a good sign in my book!

The aroma is very hot with dark berries with a subtle hint of cedar.

In the mouth, it is powerful. There is a lot of dark fruit and a nice bit of spice.

The finish keeps building and building long after you swallow it. There is a little leather and a bit of cigar box to wake you up and say “what was that?”

Time for a cheap one…

Had been getting used to having to spend at least $12 for a ‘daily’ bottle, but recently found one at half that price that is drinkable. Available at Trader Joe’s only (that I’ve seen) it is:
Feudo Zirtari, 2003, Indicazione Geografica Tipica Rosso, from Sicilia Italy. The trademark symbol on the label is a red triangle laying on its side, which is where I generally wind up after drinking a bottle.

I’d like to say it is great, but it’s not – but what it IS, is a very dry, very drinkable red with a fairly strong black cherry flavor, both on the nose and the tounge, for a very reasonable price.

I’m working on the second case, and will buy a third this week, if that tells you anything. It is really worth a try if you are near a Trader Joe’s and looking for a red that won’t offend you. If you like black cherry, you might just say it is worth 3 times its selling price.

John Friederich

2004 Penny’s Hill Red Dot Shiraz

This Shiraz is worthy (for the price)!

I paid about $16 for it. It was recommended by the wine shop clerk, who shares my likes and dislikes in wine. When I come in, he will greet me with news of any new arrivals that I might like. He was correct with this one.

I believe this is the second brand of wine that I’ve tried which used the “Zork” closure. I love corks and I hate screw-tops, but I think that for young wines meant to be consumed in a short time period from bottling – the Zork is great. They have a nice web site to explain it at http://www.zork.com.au/

It is a nice dark purple, the aroma is hot with a bit of licorice and cigar box behind blackberries. It has a nice taste curve, fruity at the beginning, peppery in the middle and finish. There is a lot of blackberry with a bit of tar.

This could just be my new pizza wine.

2003 Weingut Schuberth Gruener Veltliner Riede Spiegel

This is a great wine from Austria in the $18 to $20 price range.

In my tasting notes, I wrote “Get some!”

This is very good. It is huge for a white wine. There is a nice spiciness, which I love in white wine. I’m not sure of the fruit that I tasted, perhaps a touch of pear or honeydew melon. It has a crisp, spicy finish.

My thoughts while tasting this is that it would be great with oysters on the half-shell. I didn’t have any handy, but if I get the opportunity to ever try it I will do so.

2004 Mitolo G.A.M. McLaren Vale Shiraz

This wine has a beautiful dark purple color. It is bright and very young in appearance. The aromas are leather, intense blackberry and ripe dark fruit. The flavors are intense and peppery with lots of dark fruit. The taste curve is nicely balanced and finishes up with a nice hint of leather.

If I was stuck somewhere with only this wine to drink, I wouldn’t complain. I have to figure out where I can acquire some more…