Imagery Cabernet Sauvignon

$20 at Costco.

Dark purple color. Nice legs.

Aroma includes typical dark cherry, cigar box, leather.

Flavors are dark fruit, leather, oak, chocolate and pepper.

Finish leather mixing to dark fruit and blueberry to leather, then wonderful pepper growing in intensity before pleasant fade.

I’ll buy this one again.

2019 Barberani Polago

I was glancing through Costco’s wine selection and spotted this one with a sign that said “Sangiovese.” I generally love Sangiovese, so quickly scooped it up at $13.

I’m glad that I didn’t buy two of them. On my first sip, I thought about dumping it down the drain, but instead let it sit open for a couple of hours to open up. I didn’t dump it. I double-checked the cork to look for problems but the cork was pliable with no signs of leakage.

The color is red, not very dense, I can see through it.

Aroma – hints of cherry, rhubarb and tobacco. The fruit is not pronounced.

Flavors – very subdued but tart red fruit, but the tobacco is there.

Finish – tobacco gains in intensity then trails off slowly.

The longer it sits open, the better it gets, but not by a lot.

I have a friend who says there are only two types of wine: good and gooder. If that is true, then I would categorize this one as good.

I was looking for a decent pizza wine, but this isn’t it.