Nevada City Rough & Ready, Cask 206

This newest edition of Nevada City’s Rough & Ready Red (Casks 204 and 205 are posted below) is predominantly Merlot with, in decreasing percentages, Zin, Cab, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Sangiovese. The characteristics are that of plum, cherry, spice, and red licorice, with a hint of oak. The tannins are soft and alcholol is at 14.5%.  All in all quite acceptable for pizza and pasta although the Cask 205 remains my favorite of the three.

If you find yourself in the Sierra Foothills of California (Nevada City, Grass Valley, Colfax) just east of Sacramento off I-80, spend some time in the area and you will be quite surprised by the number and variety of wineries — check out Offerings from a few of those are posted below; more will be added as the bottles are opened.  A Votre Sante.