Jacob’s Creek Cabernet 2000

This one was a gift from my wife; rumor has it the price is around $28.

As Cabs go, this one is on the weaker side. Medium body, clear light garnet in color with a minty nose maybe a touch of tobacco. The palate is fruity, maybe some cherry and a bit of something spicy (clove?) but not a lot. The mint comes back on the finish as well as that touch of tobacco. It went well with the flank steak and portobello mushroom, but beleive it or not it became a bit sour with dark chocolate. Not what you would expect from a Cab. Remember, I did say it was on the weaker side.

Did I enjoy it? Yeah, but at $28 I don’t think it warrants a return purchase. There are just too many bigger and better Cabs out there.

2001 Joseph Phelps Le Mistral

2001 Joseph Phelps Le Mistral $18

Winemakers notes

“Inspired by the great red wine blends of the Rhône Valley” – maybe, but I say the Rhône Valley could learn a couple of things from this one.

Check the wine maker’s notes. This one is a blend of six different varietals, each contributing to the big bold taste of this wine.

I hate it when I come across a single bottle in a wine store where the little shelf card describes a wine in such a way that I can’t resist trying it. My rule is to buy two bottles of something that I haven’t tried before – one for right now, and the other for later if it is really nice. I’m guessing that I won’t see this one again – a shame.

This wine is a very dark purple. The aroma is a very concentrated black cherry. Nice fruit flavors, ripe but not too ripe, and the taste curve is perfectly balanced for my palette. There is a touch of spice, and the finish is very nice.