1999 Stonestreet Cabernet Sauvignon

Oh my… I forgot that I had this.

I saw this in my wine cooler and noted that the wine level had dropped.

I thought it was gone, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The cork was good shape and pulled out easily.

I decanted the bottle and noted that the color was mostly dark purple, with just a hint of brown from the age.

The aroma was a very intense dark cherry and leather.

It tastes like it smells – very intense dark cherry and leather.

2012 Kuleto Estate Frog Prince

A nice and clear dark ruby-red color with a clear ring around the top showing it to be a young wine. Nice legs.

The aroma has a lot of blueberry, a little blackberry, a little dark cherry, a lot of alcohol and a bit of leather and tobacco.

The taste curve is mellow to begin with, but intensifies in the middle and eases off smoothly at the end.

The flavors are similar to the aroma. Blueberry and other dark fruit with a bit of leather or tobacco.

I’ve been buying this one a lot lately, it is a good pizza or spaghetti wine.

$20 at Trader Joes.