Lane Tanner 2000 French Camp Syrah

Very well balanced… a touch of cinnamon on the nose with mild blackberry and currant on the palate. Soft black pepper (with not much heat) and a touch of smoke on the finish. Light tannins make this a great choice at around $18. Alcohol is 14.3%

2000 B&G Cotes du Rhone Tradition

2000 B&G Cotes du Rhone Tradition

A nice light bodied color. (I’ll admit it is a deeper purple color than most French Grenache-based wines that I’ve tasted. but it is very light compared to an Australian Grenache.)

Raspberry aroma.

There is nothing special in the taste. There is a touch of pepper, which is nice, but the finish is a bit tart and hangs on too long. I would say that the balance is off on this wine. I was expecting to really taste the classic Rhone terroir.

Koehler Cabernet Sauvignon

2002 Koehler Santa Barbera County Cabernet Sauvignon $13

This was really awesome too!

Intense but well-balanced with aromas of black cherry and coffee followed with just a touch of earthyness. Flavors of black cherry and a touch of dark chocolate with a nice finish.

The wines of William Hill

Last evening’s wine tasting event was the wines of William Hill. On hand for this event were five wines. Overall, there were none that stood out as being stellar, and none that were horrible. All seemed to be decent, but only one made the trip home with me because it was it was a decent wine for the sale price. So here we go in the order presented…
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2001 Hendry Block 7 Napa Valley Zinfandel

2001 Hendry Block 7 Napa Valley Zinfandel (I think the price was less than $30. I’ll correct that when I locate the receipt.) I’m starting to realize that if it is a Zinfandel from some hillside vineyard in Napa Valley, I generally like it. I’m not fond of the “jammy” Zinfandel that the mass market seems to prefer these days. I like mine peppery and earthy, with no hint of prunes or heavy raisins. This one is very nice. It is well-balanced, not too sweet, not over fruity. If the price is less than the $30 that I stated above, I’ll buy this one again.

D’cubed 2001 Howell Mountain Zinfandel

Okay, so you weren’t buying the story on the D’cubed 2001 Black Sears Vineyard Howell Mountain Zinfandel, let’s see if you believe me when I tell you the truth about the D’cubed 2001 Howell Mountain Zinfandel.

I really like this one. It may be the best Zinfandel that I’ve ever tasted. It is very well balanced. It has nice pepper but that does not overpower the fact that this wine has an elegant taste curve.

Don’t take my word for it, you should try this one.

Oh by the way, in case you didn’t get the joke, you should also buy the D’cubed 2001 Black Sears Vineyard Howell Mountain Zinfandel if you can find it. But good luck with trying to find it at your local wine store.