D’cubed 2001 Howell Mountain Zinfandel

Okay, so you weren’t buying the story on the D’cubed 2001 Black Sears Vineyard Howell Mountain Zinfandel, let’s see if you believe me when I tell you the truth about the D’cubed 2001 Howell Mountain Zinfandel.

I really like this one. It may be the best Zinfandel that I’ve ever tasted. It is very well balanced. It has nice pepper but that does not overpower the fact that this wine has an elegant taste curve.

Don’t take my word for it, you should try this one.

Oh by the way, in case you didn’t get the joke, you should also buy the D’cubed 2001 Black Sears Vineyard Howell Mountain Zinfandel if you can find it. But good luck with trying to find it at your local wine store.

One thought on “D’cubed 2001 Howell Mountain Zinfandel

  1. I opened it – my last bottle of the 2001.

    (I still have two Black Sears though…)

    At first glance, I thought that it might be WAY over the top. I had to go check it under light to make sure that it wasn’t brown.

    But it looked perfect and after a few minutes, it was tasting perfect.

    I’ve had 3 glasses, and I’m contemplating a forth. (They were small glasses – and I can guarantee that the alcohol level is still up there….)

    This is a great wine!

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