2001 Hendry Block 7 Napa Valley Zinfandel

2001 Hendry Block 7 Napa Valley Zinfandel (I think the price was less than $30. I’ll correct that when I locate the receipt.) I’m starting to realize that if it is a Zinfandel from some hillside vineyard in Napa Valley, I generally like it. I’m not fond of the “jammy” Zinfandel that the mass market seems to prefer these days. I like mine peppery and earthy, with no hint of prunes or heavy raisins. This one is very nice. It is well-balanced, not too sweet, not over fruity. If the price is less than the $30 that I stated above, I’ll buy this one again.

One thought on “2001 Hendry Block 7 Napa Valley Zinfandel

  1. So, I’m sitting here surfing, doin’ some Web work, and generally wasting time. All of a sudden I get a bit thirsty for a Zin and pop the cork on somethin’ new (for me). I am impressed with this one; not a D-cubed, but hey this is right on. The color is very raspberry, with some spice and maybe a bit of coffee (?) on the nose and (yeah!) a bit of heat on the pallete. Gotta luv that pepper; even seems to last a bit on the back end. Definitely a repeat.

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