Rancho Zabaco tasting

Okay, so I messed up and didn’t grab the list, so I’m doing this from memory. And as the guy pouring the wines mentioned, “The mind is the first thing to go…” And I don’t remember what the other things were.

Okay as I remembered them:

2002 Rancho Zabaco California Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc $8
2002 Rancho Zabaco Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc $12
I’ll comment on these together. I think that I’m glad that I didn’t have to pay to taste these, as I would have felt guilty pouring them out. The first was lighter and crisper than the second but very harsh. The second was trying its best to be a Chardonnay with a lot of American Oak in the flavor. There was some caramel or butter and vanilla, but alas, I couldn’t handle it. Okay so as you might know, I’m pretty much convinced that when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc, that you can get a much better deal than one from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Ten bucks and they are perfect every time.

2001 Rancho Zabaco California Dancing Bull Zinfandel $8
This was okay, not jammy, not really peppery, if you are just getting started in wine drinking and want to try an inexpensive Red Zinfandel, this one would be okay.

Okay, bear with me here, as I’m not positive on these, either the vintage or the designation.

2001 Rancho Zabaco Heritage Zinfandel $13 (I’m sure of the price, but not the designation.)
If we are talking the $12+ Zin, it’s the one that I liked. In fact it’s one that I buy every now and then for pizza. It’s not spectacular, but very drinkable. No jam, but a touch of pepper, and it will change in your glass several times over if you let it.

2000 Rancho Zabaco Reserve Zinfandel $15 (Again, I’m sure of the price, but not the designation.) I didn’t think that this one was a nice as the one before. Not horrible, but nothing to love. It has a distinctive spice, similar to cloves which is slightly interesting, but not enough to kick it into my “buy it” category.

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