2019 Barberani Polago

I was glancing through Costco’s wine selection and spotted this one with a sign that said “Sangiovese.” I generally love Sangiovese, so quickly scooped it up at $13.

I’m glad that I didn’t buy two of them. On my first sip, I thought about dumping it down the drain, but instead let it sit open for a couple of hours to open up. I didn’t dump it. I double-checked the cork to look for problems but the cork was pliable with no signs of leakage.

The color is red, not very dense, I can see through it.

Aroma – hints of cherry, rhubarb and tobacco. The fruit is not pronounced.

Flavors – very subdued but tart red fruit, but the tobacco is there.

Finish – tobacco gains in intensity then trails off slowly.

The longer it sits open, the better it gets, but not by a lot.

I have a friend who says there are only two types of wine: good and gooder. If that is true, then I would categorize this one as good.

I was looking for a decent pizza wine, but this isn’t it.