Time for a cheap one…

Had been getting used to having to spend at least $12 for a ‘daily’ bottle, but recently found one at half that price that is drinkable. Available at Trader Joe’s only (that I’ve seen) it is:
Feudo Zirtari, 2003, Indicazione Geografica Tipica Rosso, from Sicilia Italy. The trademark symbol on the label is a red triangle laying on its side, which is where I generally wind up after drinking a bottle.

I’d like to say it is great, but it’s not – but what it IS, is a very dry, very drinkable red with a fairly strong black cherry flavor, both on the nose and the tounge, for a very reasonable price.

I’m working on the second case, and will buy a third this week, if that tells you anything. It is really worth a try if you are near a Trader Joe’s and looking for a red that won’t offend you. If you like black cherry, you might just say it is worth 3 times its selling price.

John Friederich