2004 Penny’s Hill Red Dot Shiraz

This Shiraz is worthy (for the price)!

I paid about $16 for it. It was recommended by the wine shop clerk, who shares my likes and dislikes in wine. When I come in, he will greet me with news of any new arrivals that I might like. He was correct with this one.

I believe this is the second brand of wine that I’ve tried which used the “Zork” closure. I love corks and I hate screw-tops, but I think that for young wines meant to be consumed in a short time period from bottling – the Zork is great. They have a nice web site to explain it at http://www.zork.com.au/

It is a nice dark purple, the aroma is hot with a bit of licorice and cigar box behind blackberries. It has a nice taste curve, fruity at the beginning, peppery in the middle and finish. There is a lot of blackberry with a bit of tar.

This could just be my new pizza wine.

2 thoughts on “2004 Penny’s Hill Red Dot Shiraz

  1. …a recent cocktail party guest brought this wine as a thank you, not even sure who…we opened it tonight with low expectations…pizza on the menu…and, what a nice surprise…and now we don’t even know who to thank….loved the complexity of flavors and the zork is adorable…

  2. I missed this one since I left Vegas for Northern Nevada. Much to my surprise on a recent trip to check out a new wine shop in the area… I found it… agree with the statemant about great with pizza… also works well with pork loin chops off the BBQ.

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