The Holy Trinity (’98)

This is a GSM (43% Grenache, 39% Shiraz, 18% Mourvedre) from Grant Burge Wines, Barossa Valley Australia. Very much a Rhone-style from “Down Under”. If memory serves, this was around $36.

Have had this in my cellar for a couple years. Think it could have lasted another couple, but was in teh mood for a GSM, so couldn’t wait any longer. Purchased on a recomendation from a friend. To be honest, it is nice but not up to the hype; just not the “great wine” he said it was. I honestly expected a bit more heat and a little less fruit, but all-in-all it is very decent. Rich ruby/garnet color, nice legs, fruity but not a big “bomb”.

I remember tasting the ’99 and the ‘2K which were very similar to this. Have had better GSMs and a lot better Rhones and Rhone-styles for the same price range (or less).

Would I buy this again?……… probably not.
Sorry I bought this? …………. not really.