Lake Breeze Langhorne Creek Bernoota, 1999

50% Shiraz, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. This was purchased on eBay (I’ve had good luck with these recently) as a ‘6-pack’ . Opened one without a rest, and WOW! I think you have to have a hankering for a wine in this somewhat extreme style (I do.) This is an Aussie wine, by the way

The nose is full of big, dark, fruits with a hint of smokey cedar. First taste is of blackberry, again very intense and ominous. Slightly hot and acidic , but then mellows slightly to a simply large longlasting berry (black, with some current.)

If you are in a mood for a huge, ominous bottle, I highly recommend this. Approx $15 per/ bottle. I’ve not seen these locally, but worth a check.