2002 Paulo Cabernet Sauvignon

OK, so this was a pleasant surprise… On the label, this is subtitled a “Father and Son Cuvee” from Messina Hof Cellars in (are you ready for this?) — Texas. Checking their site, I discovered this one is a blend of 90% Cab and 10% Merlot and a limited production of only 2,688 bottles.

Not what I would call a great Cab, definitely not a big, bold, full bodied monster… but not bad at all. On a 20 point scale I would rate this around 15-16. Has an aromatic nose; lots of dark fruit with a hint of vanilla. The fruit follows on thru the pallate with a hint of red apple or tart plum. I got this along with some questionable bottles and honestly didn’t know what to expect; as stated earlier… a pleasant surprise.

4 thoughts on “2002 Paulo Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. OK, so I just re-checked their site and tracked down the price point. Did I like this wine? Yeah, but it’s not worth the $39.99 tag; maybe half that, maybe…

  2. Okay so the TexasWineMarket likes this Texas wine. That is understandable since they are trying to sell it.

    I haven’t tasted it as of yet, but my question would be if you have to choose between the Paulo Cabernet Sauvignon or a bottle of Stonestreet Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon which runs between $19 and $21 on the street, which would you choose?

  3. No question Dave… the Stonestreet is a much better deal for the price. Side by side the wines are comparable, but the Paulo just isn’t twice the wine to warrant twice the price. As my first comment stated, I would buy this again at $20, but not $40.

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