1991 Stonestreet Legacy


I removed the foil from around the top of the bottle so I could check the condition of the cork. I was quite pleased, as the color of the wine had moved up about one quarter of the height of the cork. The bottle and label were in good condition.

I had to use a cheap corkscrew to open this one, and the cork broke at about the half-way point. But the cork was soft, and there was no sign of leakage. The bottom portion of the cork was easily removed.

The color is surprisingly bright considering the age of this wine. I expected a touch of brown to indicate that the wine is fourteen years old, but it looked more like a two-year old wine.

The initial aromas were current and chocolate. Later, a nice cherry aroma was evident.

The wine has a great mouth feel. This is a big wine with nice tannins, and not too soft. It is elegant, with nice current, chocolate, cherry and a touch of leather and wood.

This wine was the perfect choice for a prime-cut steak. The only bad thing about this wine is that it is now gone…

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