1999 Antinori Tignanello $80

This is one of those wines that was so good that you don’t want to throw away the bottle after you’ve finished it. I may have let it sit on the mantle for a while.

I had three of these in the cooler, so of course I thought that I could safely open one. I remember when I first tasted it, that I thought that it could sit for a while.

This wine is huge! In fact I think that I’ll keep the other two bottles for two or three more years. They would easily last longer.

The color is very dark red. The aroma contains a little red fruit, perhaps plums. I noticed that after an hour it opened up quite nicely. I would definitely say to decant this one and let it sit for a little while.

As for the taste, it has a perfectly balanced taste curve. Everything about it is perfect. Very nice tannins. Great finish.

Here is what Antinori has to say about the 1999 Tignanello.

One thought on “1999 Antinori Tignanello $80

  1. while the 99 rocks, I have found the 2000 a bit dissapointing.. Not the same rechness nor amplitude, especially considering the price,, Have you tried the Compaccio Riserva from Terrabianca? Sangiovese Merlot and full on yummmmmmmy.

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