1998 Charles Krug Reserve Napa Valley Sangiovese

1998 Charles Krug Reserve Napa Valley Sangiovese $21

Okay, so I posted notes about this one before.

This wine is truly awesome.

I was watching the last of the presidential debates while eating dinner and sipping this wine. Every time that the one that I consider to be an idiot got a chance to speak, I had to get up and move around. It was only natural to refill my glass. I was so agitated, that the next thing that I knew, the bottle was empty.

1999 E. Guigal Châteauneuf-du-Pape

1999 E. Guigal Châteauneuf-du-Pape $47

So the big wine magazine named this their 2002 wine of the year and the price went from $30 to about $50. Don’t fall for the hype; this wine is worth $30, but not $47.

It was good; it had a nice dark red color, a fruity with a touch of spice aroma, and a generally balanced taste. But, I couldn’t find any of the characteristic terroir of the appellation.

A nice wine, but I was a bit disappointed for the price.

1998 Tenuta Mormoraia Neitea Toscana Rosso

1998 Tenuta Mormoraia Neitea Toscana Rosso $29

A translation of the website can be found here.

Okay, so you are sitting in your favorite Italian restaurant, perusing the wine list. And you see this wine, and the price that they are going to soak you for is $65. Give it serious consideration, as it is not bad! If you are going to pay that much for a wine with your meal, and there are no better values, then I recommend this one.

It is a nice blend of 70% Sangiovese and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is very well balanced with nice tannins. Excuse me while go see if I can buy some more…