2003 Woop Woop South Eastern Australian Shiraz

2003 Woop Woop South Eastern Australian Shiraz $9

I dare you to try to find something that won’t go with this one!

This is a very dark purple, very aromatic, very well-balanced wine. Given the price, you can’t go wrong.

The wine is very dark purple, but it is also very clear. The legs are very nice. So there is going to be a little heat in this one.

There are tons of berry aromas here the most prevalent I believe is plum and I think it is blackberry that is holding that up.

With the first taste, I did a “WOW!” There is a lot of fruit, but there is also a lot of spice. I had to check the receipt again. This one is normally $10, but I used it to help fill out a case so I could get the 10% case discount. I now wish that I’d filled all of the empty slots with this one.

I tried it with spicy food, dark chocolate and even some Newberry Springs, California Pistachios from Kevin and Vonnie’s pistatio farm.