2000 Lanzerac Merlot

2000 Lanzerac Merlot

I’m drinking a Merlot?

I don’t have the receipt handy, but I think this one cost about $22.

The color is deep red, with a nice clear edge.

The aroma is bold and smoky with a touch of blackberry. There is also a touch of chocolate in there trying to work its way through to your nose.

The flavor is definitely un-Merlot like. This is a big wine, not like your typical wimpy Merlot. This one actually has flavor. Oh, I apologize to all you Merlot drinkers out there. But if you are like me, and don’t like the soft, bitter taste and harsh finish of a typical Merlot, then this is THE Merlot for you.

I had it with smoked salmon. The two stood up to each other quite well.