2002 Turkey Flat Barossa Valley Shiraz

2002 Turkey Flat Barossa Valley Shiraz $36

This one is very fruity, very spicy and very big.

It’s been a while since I’ve had an Australian Shiraz. I had not heard of this one, but my local wine merchant suggested that I might like this one.

Holy Cow!

On the label, it says “This wine will benefit from at least 10 years cellaring…” They are probably right, but what fun is that? I say go ahead and drink it now!

I poured the wine into my glass. The blackberry aroma caught my attention almost as fast as the dark, almost ink-like color. I think that was my first hint that this one is a winner.

In the mouth, this wine is bright, bold and indeed young. There is the blackberry, a bit of raspberry, and a touch of plum. The finish is long, and very nice. I’ll be going back for more.

I paired it with a Capriotti’s Cheese Steak, with grilled onions and hots – of course. This combination is amazing!

4 thoughts on “2002 Turkey Flat Barossa Valley Shiraz

  1. Absolutely enjoying your site–will return time and time again to drink of your thoughts of wine. Thank you for your efforts–many particles of admiration in your direction for sure.

    P.S.: added your site to mine–if that’s ok?

  2. What moree is there to say than WOW! Not only the plum and blackberry, but distinct blend of mocha and clove. As you say, a return visit is in order on this one.

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