1997 Ferrari-Carano Tresor Reserve

1997 Ferrari-Carano Tresor Reserve $32

The color on this is very dark. Out of all of the wines that I’ve ever tasted, I’d say that only the Lakoya Diamond Hill is darker. With the first whiff, I smell a lot of chocolate, with perhaps a touch of black cherry or blackberry. Very nice aromas. At first taste, the blackberry comes through first, then followed by the chocolate. The finish is very nice. In fact it is nice and long! Over all this is a very balanced wine. I got a smokin’ deal on the price because I bought a case of six. I’ve seen this listed in restaurants for an average of $100. (I’ve even seen the 1995 version listed for over $300!)

The first night, I had it with Flank Steak that was stuffed with goat cheese, spinach and red pepper. I grilled that, and the wine was a very nice match. For the second night, I had it with some home-made beef stew. I used a less expensive Cabernet Sauvignon when I made the stew, so I really expected the flavor of the stew to go well with the wine. I was not disappointed.

I think that both of these meals are memorable because of the wine.

I really like this one. If you get a chance, drink some, you won’t be disappointed. The Ferrai-Carano web site still has this one listed for $45 per bottle, or $540 per case. (I assume that they mean a twelve-bottle case, not the special six-bottle case that I bought, since 45 times 12 equals 540 – D’oh!)

4 thoughts on “1997 Ferrari-Carano Tresor Reserve

  1. I opened another of my stash of 1997, and I’m very pleased.

    There is a nice strong tobacco aroma at first whiff, along with a lot of black cherry. The flavor is more intense now than back in June. There is just a hint of mint. The tobacco is prominent with the black cherry backing it up. The taste curve is very balanced. The wine is quite nice, and I think that I’ll let the other bottles in my stash sit for a while as it seems that it is getting better with age.

  2. Drinking it tonight. Still very dark color but can see through it fairly clearly. Definitely pretty black cherry aromas, toasty oak, even a sweet fragrance of tobacco that excites me. Been open for about 30 minutes. I get black fruit, slight white pepper, and sweet smooth tannins starting to come alive after its been open. Nice long finish with tobacco and cedar hanging out for a while.

    Have one more bottle left. Not sure how long the fruit will last so I better drink it within the year.

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