1998 Massoni Langhorn Creek Shiraz

This one was a gift, so don’t have a definite price, but think it is the $20 range. Actually a fairly weak Shiraz, but not horrible. Think it will open up though. First thoughts after uncorking was a nice deep purple color, but a weak nose; maybe a bit of black cherry. Not much in the middle but a typical Shiraz finish of some pepper with a bit of heat. After sitting and swirling, it got a bit better — call me crazy but the nose started to lean toward cherry cola. So far, nothing to earn a repeat purchase. Will see what it’s like tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “1998 Massoni Langhorn Creek Shiraz

  1. So, it’s been a couple days and I finally got back to this (thanx to vacuum corks). It actually tastes like what a Shiraz is supposed to (well, to me anyhoo). Even though it is a lot better than my earlier impression, at $26 (I checked the price) it does not warrant a second purchase. Yeah, I know I said this one was a gift, but somebody bought it even though I won’t.

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