2000 Stonestreet Cabernet Sauvignon

Try this:

2000 Stonestreet Cabernet Sauvignon (list is $28 but you should be able to find it for $20.)

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate (3-pack @$0.99)

Bring the wine to 65 degrees. Pour it back and forth from glass to glass to aerate it. I learned that from the story about Robert Mondovi and the mayonnaise jar! (A.K.A. Decanting.)

At first glance, the cabernet is smoke & coffee and perhaps not as good as you want it to be. Give it a minute. Break the chocolate up into individual squares. Place one in your mouth and let it start to melt.

Take a taste of the cabernet.

Notice the intense blackberry on top of the smokiness. And talk about chocolate! You’d swear that you didn’t need the chocolate-bar to taste the chocolate.

Truly amazing!

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